Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Speaks On Hamas War Crimes

Daily Report November 19,2023

Following reports that Hamas had placed its headquarters in tunnels beneath the Al-Shifa Hospital, Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on Saturday insisted that Hamas has no issue putting civilians in harm’s way.
Kilmeade, while speaking on Fox News “One Nation,” claimed Israel may have been making progress militarily, but they are losing the PR battle.
“We have been watching Israel on the defensive since Hamas started this heinous war on Oct. 7,” Kilmeade said. “And somehow they have lost the PR warr to this point. We have seen the IDF moving through Gaza and making great progress militarily, but struggling to justify non-traditional military targets like a hospital. They assumed the world knew the tactics of the immoral ruthless, terrorist group and would understand what Hamas was all about. But that changed this week. They stopped waiting in Israel. The Israelis finally realized they had to do something about it. They told us about the butchery on Oct. 7. Now if you want, you can see it.”
Kilmeade indicated that the IDF has invited reporters into the hospital to see proof of Hamas hiding weapons and munitions inside the hospital and the tunnels dogged around the hospital. Kilmeade revealed that he got the invitation, but he did not need to go to the hospital to see proof of Hamas’ war crimes.

“They are going to release footage of the tunnels as well as the weapons too,” Kilmeade continued. “AK-47s, we are talking about grenades, we are talking about battle vests all with Hamas’ insignia on them, hidden in an MRI wing of Gaza’s largest hospital. Not really the place you keep weapons, would you? [This is] more proof that Hamas has no issue putting civilians in harm’s way. In fact, you can say it is their mission to do so. Burning, slaughtering, beheading innocent people and children up to 800 in one day alone. We can’t make sense of this violence.”
Kilemade maintained that Hamas’ running its operation from the hospital is proof that Hamas has no issue putting civilians in harm’s way.

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