Fox New Panel Says It Killed Colorado Judge To Rule In Trump’s Favor

Daily Report November 21,2023

Fox News analyst Sol Wisenberg maintained that the Colorado judge who ruled in favor of former President Donald Trump in a 14th Amendment lawsuit did so because she wanted to show judicial restraints.
Judge Sarah Wallace on Friday ruled against a left-wing suit that sought to ban Trump from Colorado’s 2024 presidential election ballot. Wallas said she is not convinced that the 14th Amendment applied to Trump. The judge added that she was reluctant to rule against the former president without a clear and unmistakable indication that Section Three of the 14th Amendment was intended to remove Trump. Wallace, however, found that the former president did commit an insurrection.
Wisenberg, who appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” said Wallace’s finding that Trump engaged in insurrection is insignificant before adding that it “Killed” the judge to rule in Trump’s favor.
“I don’t think it’s significant,” Wisenberg responded. “The significant thing in that opinion was that she held back. She realizes that the historical record is very mixed on this, so she exercised judicial restraint — you can tell it killed her. But what some judge in Colorado thinks about insurrection, I don’t think is going to have any effect on any of the federal cases here.”

Earlier this month, Wisenberg —former deputy special counsel— blasted Judge Arthur Engoron over his conduct during Trump’s trial in New York City. Wisenberg described Engoron as a clown before adding that the New York judge is biased.

“The judge is a clown. He is obviously biased,” Sol Wisenberg told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “Look, Laura, I want your viewers to understand. This is the absolute truth. This case never would have even been brought against anybody other than Donald Trump. You have no victim. You have no loss. The loans were repaid. The banks never complained about any of this. It is an example – what they are doing to Trump is what they accuse Trump for four years of wanting to do. They are doing totally political prosecutions.”

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