Fox Legal Analyst Faults GOP Hunter Biden Subpoena 

Daily Report December 14,2023

Following Hunter Biden’s defiance of a Congressional subpoena on Wednesday, Fox News legal analyst Andy McCarthy revealed the mistakes House Republicans made with the first son’s subpoena.

Hunter defied a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday. The first son appeared at the Capitol but chose to do a press conference instead of testifying before lawmakers. The House voted to authorize President Joe Biden’s impeachment a few hours after Hunter’s press conference.

McCarthy, in a Fox News appearance, revealed that House Republicans should have waited until Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry was formally authorized before sending Hunter’s subpoena.

“The sensible way to do this, if you were going to actually have a vote for the impeachment inquiry, is to vote for the impeachment inquiry so that you have it as, you know, the Constitution imposes impeachment authority in the House, not in the Speaker. So you need the House to vote for it, at least there’s a good argument you do,” McCarthy explained “Then you get the president’s son once you have that nailed down. You get the president’s son a subpoena where it is backed by a vote of the House and there is more pressure on him to show up and testify rather than giving him an argument which they’ve done, that the subpoena is not legitimate because they hadn’t authorized the inquiry yet. But I think this is all a function of they are trying to get their work done and get out of town and that wouldn’t happen in a criminal justice proceeding.”

However, Fox News contributor and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley argued that the status of President Biden’s impeachment has nothing to do with Hunter’s compliance.

Turley told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the subpoena came from the House Oversight Committee and is enforceable without a formal impeachment inquiry vote.

“And people have said well, this might not be enforceable because the vote came later,” Turley said. “There was an impeachment inquiry going on. The Democrats started an inquiry without a formal vote. There is no requirement for a formal vote. More importantly, the subpoena came from the Oversight Committee, which has independent subpoena authority. So, in my view, he is in flagrant contempt of Congress. I have represented the House of Representatives, I have a lot of affection for their body and I have rarely seen such open contempt for Congress.”

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