Former Rep And Daily Caller Reporter Spar Over Biden Comment 

Daily Report December 24,2023

A Daily Caller reporter and a former Democrat congressman spared over President Joe Biden’s insurrectionist accusation against former President Donald Trump.

The Colorado Supreme Court Ruled last week that Trump participated in an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2020. Biden later told reporters that he supported the decision, adding that the former president engaged in insurrection.

“He certainly supported an insurrection,” Biden said when asked about the ruling Wednesday. “No question about it. None. Zero.”

News Nax host Rita Cosby asked former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Daily Caller reporter Brianna Lyman if the president was wrong to weigh in the way he did.

Frank immediately accused Cosby of double standards, adding that the host criticized Biden for being critical of people while he was in office when she didn’t do the same to Trump.

“Donald Trump, in the history of America, has done more criticism of other people in colorful terms,” Frank said. “But you have a double standard on what is right and what is not.”

Lyman, however, disagreed with the former lawmaker, adding that Joe Biden was making a false allegation against Trump.

“You can’t really conflate Donald Trump criticizing candidate Joe Biden criticizing Donald Trump versus Joe Biden, making a false allegation that he is guilty of something that he’s not even been charged of,” Lyman responded. “To do that, you know, Thomas Jefferson did it to Aaron Burr. Aaron Burr had the famous fall from grace right because he accused them of treason when he wasn’t even charged with treason at the time, and that’s what Joe Biden did here and it’s really dangerous because it stirs public sentiment in the opposite direction and gives people this false notion that Donald Trump is already guilty of something that he hasn’t been charged with.”

Frank hit back, saying Trump wanted Hillary Clinton locked up during the 2016 campaign.

“He has talked about putting people in jail, he’s talked about maybe people should be executed,” Frank said.

“When you say Donald Trump with the ‘lock her up,’ but that comes from something that a lot of American people felt where it’s like, ‘Ok, Hillary Clinton bleach bit 30,000 emails right?’ She had crimes and other people were charged for that,” Lyman said. “James Comey himself said look, ‘I think she did something guilty here. But I’m not gonna charge her’ because he was in on it.”

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