Fired Ukraine Prosecutor Says Bidens Were Bribed

Daily Report August 26,2023

The Ukrainian prosecutor, who was fired following pressure from then-Vice President Joe Biden, claims his firing was due to corruption in the Biden family.
Viktor Shokin, Who was Ukraine’s top prosecutor, was fired after Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine. Prior to his firing, Shokin was conducting a corruption investigation into Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, where Hunter Biden was a board member.
Shokin, in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, said he believes he was fired because Joe and Hunter Biden had been bribed.

“I do not want to deal in unproven facts, but my firm personal conviction is that, yes, this was the case,” Shokin told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade. “They were being bribed. The fact that Joe Biden gave away $1 billion in U.S. money in exchange for my dismissal, my firing, isn’t that alone a case of corruption?”

Shokin maintained that his firing came at the insistence of Joe Biden because he was investigating Burisma. The former Ukraine top prosecutor added that Petro Poroshenko —Ukrainian president at the time— and Joe Biden understood that he would have found evidence of corruption if allowed to continue his investigation.
“Poroshenko understood and so did Vice President Biden, that had I continued to oversee the Burisma investigation, we would have found the facts about the corrupt activities that they were engaging in,” Shokin said. “That included both Hunter Biden and Devon Archer and others.”

Joe Biden continues to claim that his insistence on Shokin’s firing was because the prosecutor was corrupt. Shokin said he believes that Joe Biden asked for his firing to protect his son.

“We have to believe that Mr. Biden was told that we were going to start questioning his son and others,” Shokin said in a video that went viral on social media in June. “Archer (Devon Archer) and others. All involved in the Burisma case. And everyone understood very well that this fight was going to end badly for them. I am practically convinced that Biden had understood what was looming. We were advancing, me and my colleagues, and we were about to reach the outcome of this case. Having understood all this, Biden used all the unofficial means at his disposal. Joe Biden had reason to fear that all this would eventually fall on his son.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released an FBI form in June that backs Shokin’s allegation against Joe and Hunter Biden. The form alleges that Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky paid Joe and Hunter Biden a $10 million bribe to end the investigation. The alleged bribe was split evenly between the then-vice president and his son.

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