Economist Blast Biden’s Attempt To Blame Media For Economic Pessimism

Daily Report December 27,2023

Conservative economist Steve Moore shut down President Joe Biden’s, saying the move from the president is laughable.

Americans have expressed dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy. The president currently has a 37.2% approval rating on the economy compared to a 59.7% disapproval rate.

Biden blamed the press for his dire rating, claiming that his approval rating would have been higher if the media reported on the economy the “right way.”

Moore, while appearing on Fox News, told “Kudlow” guest host David Asman that Biden’s claim was laughable.

“It’s almost laughable that the president saying he is not getting good press treatment,” Moore said. When I was working for Trump, do you think we got the kind of fawning press treatment they give Biden? The facts are the economy is better today than it was a year ago. Remember, you know, it felt like we were gonna fall off a cliff a year ago and now we’ve seen improvement for sure in the issue of the inflation. And the job market is pretty good too. I think you put your finger on the big problem. People are just feeling poorer because they are poor. You can’t spin that. The average family has lost about $2,000 in purchasing power when you take into account the inflation.

Moore also blasted the president for claiming prices of goods are down, noting that it is the rate of price increase that has gone down. Moore added that Americans are still paying 20% more for goods than when Trump left office.

“The president keeps misstating this, he keeps saying prices are down,” Moore. “No, just the rate of increase is down, but we’re still paying 20% more than when Trump left office. Yes, we’re better off now than we were a year ago when inflation was at 9% or whatever, however, real personal income is still down from when Biden took office. Personal debt is way up, as most people know if they look at their credit card receipts recently, and mortgage payments, you spend a fortune now, almost twice as what you were spending when Trump left office.”

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