Divisions Between Hamas Leaders Could See Hostages Freed

Daily Report October 12,2023

Cracks are beginning to appear in the ranks of Hamas leaders following the terror organization’s attack on Israel.

Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday, leaving hundreds of innocent women and children dead. The militants from the terror organization also took hundreds of Israeli and American citizens hostage. Reports showed that Hamas militants have abducted up to 150 people from Israel since the Saturday attack.

The decision to take those hostages is now causing a major rift among leaders, with one faction calling for the captives to be released, according to Middle Eastern intelligence agencies.

According to The Daily Mail, the prevailing view among Hamas leaders was that taking the hostages would garner support among Palestinians. Hamas leaders also believed they could use the hostages as a bargaining chip for prisoner exchanges.

However, several people within Hamas leadership are concerned that the decision to take hostages was a mistake. Some in the leadership are concerned that the decision has been met with global condemnation, with many comparing them to Hamas and the Islamic State (ISIS). There is also concern that the global condemnation might give Israel a legitimate reason to hit Gaza harder.

Latest reports showed that several Hamas leaders have spoken to the Egyptian government in a bid to negotiate a potential swap of Israeli women and children in exchange for imprisoned Palestinians. Other reports also suggested that Qatar had been mediating a potential prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas. Leaders from both waring camps have, however, denied these reports.

While it remains unclear if the faction that wants the hostages released will succeed, Hamas warned  on Monday that it will murder hostages and post video evidence online for every Israeli airstrike on Gaza.

“We have decided to put an end to this and as of now, we declare that any targeting of our people in their homes without prior warning will be regrettably faced with the execution of one the hostages of civilians we are holding,” Abu Obaida, spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, said in a recording released to Al Jazeera.


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