DISNEY’S Anti-White DISCRIMINATION Exposed With Leaked Footage

Disney Daily Report June 23,2024

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that Disney’s content has evolved, with non-binary and other LGBTQ+ characters making their way to the screen, we no longer have to speculate why and how things changed.


James O’Keefe, formerly the head of Project Veritas and now the CEO of O.M.G. Media, has provided a revealing look into Disney’s internal operations. One of O’Keefe’s undercover operatives captured an intimate conversation with a senior vice president at Disney named Michael Giordano. The footage is both shocking and unsurprising.


In the clip, Giordano seems to admit multiple times that Disney discriminates against job applicants based on their skin color and gender. According to Giordano, Disney might disqualify a white man solely because of characteristics he cannot control. Giordano even mentions that Disney higher-ups once disqualified a half-black applicant because he didn’t look black enough.


When civil rights laws were first enacted, some businesses closed because they didn’t want to serve or hire black individuals. Others tried to integrate but lost their clientele, who preferred racial exclusion. Watching this footage, it’s easy to imagine Disney facing a similar fate if these allegations are true. There is a strong case to be made that Disney could be violating civil rights law by systematically denying employment based on race or gender. U.S. law generally prohibits businesses from making employment decisions based on race or gender. Giordano acknowledges this, stating that Disney might face a massive lawsuit soon.


Will the law be enforced against Disney? That remains uncertain. Civil rights laws rarely work in favor of white plaintiffs, although it does happen. In this case, Giordano explicitly says on tape that Disney discriminates based on race and gender. Disney’s only response so far has been that Michael Giordano has taken down his LinkedIn page, with no explanation as to why a senior executive would claim the company discriminates systematically. Internal Disney footage previously released by Chris Rufo suggests that Disney executives aim to promote a culture of “racial equity.” Thus, it’s plausible that such practices are supported at the highest levels.




This poses a significant problem for Disney, exacerbated by their recent content. The quality and themes in their latest productions appear to confirm Giordano’s statements about Disney’s race-focused (and potentially anti-white) agenda. 


Disney’s own employees confirm this. The lead actress in “The Acolyte,” Amandla Stenberg, responded to poor audience reviews and a viral interview with Trevor Noah where she expressed wanting to make white people “cry,” by posting a bizarre song on Instagram, celebrating “Juneteenth” and doubling down on her views against white people and men.


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