Disease Outbreak Leaves Hundreds Sick In US City

Daily Report December 17,2023

A viral disease has hit a U.S. city, leaving hundreds of people sick from a disease after eating at a Sushi restaurant.

According to the Wake County Health Department in North Carolina, a massive outbreak of norovirus has left more than 200 people sick. The department reported that hundreds of people fell prey to the disease after eating at a restaurant called Sushi Nine on Western Boulevard between Nov. 28 and Dec 5.

Health authorities said the first person reported their illness to Wake County on Friday, Dec. 1 after eating at the sushi restaurant. Authorities added that those who fell sick after eating at the restaurant ate a variety of menu items, making it impossible to pick out the type of food that might have caused the outbreak.

Health officials interviewed over 170 people who had symptoms of the disease and asked them for stool samples. However, only three of the interviewed patients provided stool samples, with all three samples testing positive for norovirus.

Norovirus, a highly contagious disease, can only be tested through stool samples. The disease can be passed through contact with an infected person eating contaminated food or touching contaminated surfaces. Victims of the disease fall sick as soon as they come in contact with the disease.

According to ABC 11 News, the restaurant closed for deep cleaning and sanitization on Dec. 5 and reopened three days later. Authorities said no new cases have been reported since the restaurant reopened.

Wake County Public Health Director Rebecca Kaufman, in a statement, revealed that the sickness spread easily, especially during winter.

“Unfortunately, norovirus can spread very easily, especially during the winter months when people come together for holiday gatherings and parties which include a lot of meal prep and catering,” Kaufman said. “We continue to work closely with customers who visited Sushi Nine, restaurant staff, and our partners with NCDHHS to determine the source and extent of the outbreak.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), symptoms of the virus include diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, headache, fever, body aches and dehydration.

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