Dershowitz Says Harvard President Protected By DEI

Daily Report December 22,2023

Harvard University law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz revealed that Harvard President Claudine Gay may not lose her job after fresh plagiarism accusations were levied at her.

Dershowitz, in an interview on Fox News, said Gay is protected under the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policy because of her race.

“There are two categories of people at Harvard,” Dershowitz said. “Those that come under the protection of diversity, equity and inclusion(DEI), and the rest of the students, Jewish kids, Asian kids, kids who don’t come from protected minorities or backgrounds.The school simply applies a double standard. If you’re a DEI-protected person you don’t get fired. If you’re not a DEI-protected person, you do anything that amounts to even minimal plagiarism, you’re in trouble.”

The law professor cited an example where the university almost turned down a dyslexic student over accusations of plagiarism.

“The school provided him with a secretary under the Americans with Disabilities Act,” Dershowitz said. “He submitted a paper which had handwritten footnotes but the secretary forgot to put the footnotes in. He was disciplined. And when we argued that well, it was an accident. It wasn’t reckless, it was just a mistake, the university administration said there is no such thing as an honest mistake when it comes to plagiarism, it is absolute liability. The student has the obligation to make sure all the citations are correct.”

Dershowitz maintained that Gay would no longer be in her position if the school applied the same standard to the Ivy League school’s president.

“If you apply that standard applied to this student who almost didn’t get into medical school as a result of this, when you apply that to President Gay it is not even a close question,” Dershowitz continued. “What they say maybe she wasn’t reckless, how do you not cite full paragraphs that you quoted without putting quotation marks? I just don’t get it.”


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