Dershowitz: Biden Should Call For Special Counsel If Innocent

Daily Report August 27,2023

Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz called on President Joe Biden to ask for a special counsel to investigate corruption allegations against the president.
Dershowitz made the remarks on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Friday. Witness testimony and the GOP-led House investigation into the Bidens revealed evidence showing how then Vice-President Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin because Biden had been bribed.

Before his firing, Shokin was investigating Burisma, an energy firm that had Hunter Biden as a board member. The former Ukraine top prosecutor recently claimed that Biden had him fired because he was protecting his son and that the former vice president had received bribes from Burisma’s top executive.

Show host Sean Hannity read the time leading to Shokin’s, which includes the-Vice President Biden being on a call with Burisma executives before pressuring Ukraine’s president to fire Shokin.
Dershowitz told Hannity that the timeline leading up to Shokin’s firing is sufficient to warrant the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden.
“Joe Biden himself ought to be asking for a special counsel,” Dershowitz added. “There is enough smoke. There’s enough suspicion. I don’t want — if I were myself, anybody to suspect me of bribery. If he’s innocent, let him be the one calling for a special counsel. Let Garland then go outside, pick the former dean, the presidents of universities, somebody, former judge and justice of the Supreme Court, let them investigate the case, and then let them.”
Dershowitz argued that the case against President Biden could lead to prosecution if all the allegations turned out to be true.
“That’s (allegations against Joe Biden) the basis for appointing a special counsel,” Dershowitz continued. “Maybe people ought to go to court and demand that the court require the appointment of special counsel because it seems to fit within all the criteria for special counsel. And the failure to appoint a special counsel, now there is already a special counsel.”
The law professor suggested that Congress could appoint a special counsel with subpoena power under the Justice Department to investigate the allegation against the president.

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