Democrat Lawmaker Slam Media Over Antisemitic Gaza Hospital Report  

Daily Report October 20,2023

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) slammed the international media for taking Hamas’ word in the Gaza hospital explosion saga.

Earlier this week, an explosion rocked the parking garage of a Gaza hospital, leaving hundreds of people dead or injured. Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry on Tuesday claimed that the explosion was caused by an Israeli rocket. However, U.S. and Israeli intelligence have shown that the explosion was caused by a Hamas rocket that misfired.

Moskowitz, in an interview on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” maintained that the media displayed anti-Israel bias when it took the words of Hamas while Israel had to provide evidence that it did not strike the hospital.

“What I know is we saw a disgusting display of anti-Israel, anti-Zionism, and antisemitism from the international media around the world,” Moskowitz said. “They immediately took Hamas’ word for it, Hamas, a terrorist organization —who said something— and ran with it. It caused riots around the world. It caused the president’s meeting to be canceled. But when Israel said it wasn’t true, they had to show satellite imagery, they had to show trajectory of the bomb, they had to explain the crater size, they had to show all sorts of audio intelligence. But Hamas, their word was taken seriously. So, look, this just shows how dangerous it is to be listening to a terrorist organization when they put out numbers, when they put out facts and figures, and they put out statements. And it’s a lesson for the media and elected officials that this is an active war zone, and we have to be careful before we take stuff and weaponize it, because look what it caused in the Arab world.”

Famous Comedian Amy Schumer echoed Moskowitz’s sentiments when she criticized major news outlets for spreading the Hamas propaganda without verification.

“Many Western outlets published a propaganda LIE, blaming Israel without fact checking. FACTS only reached the headlines an hour later. Fire the @bbcnews @nyt @skynews @cnn editors who put terrorist lies on their homepages,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories.

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