Cruz Blast Biden Over Refusal To Give RFK Jr. Secret Service Protection

Daily Report September 21,2023

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) hit out at President Joe Biden for failing to provide Secret Service protection for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Cruz, on his “Verdict” podcast, said that the Biden administration refused to provide secret service protection to Kennedy because the administration did not want to legitimize Kennedy’s campaign.

“The reason I believe the Biden administration hasn’t granted it (Secret Service protection) is because if they did, it legitimizes him,” Cruz said. “They would have to say he’s a major candidate and the approach of the Biden White House is, ‘RFK who? We never heard of him. Nope, nope. Nobody running. Nobody in the Democrat primary, doesn’t exist.’ This is a coronation — Joe’s down in the basement. And I think it is purely political.”

The Texas lawmaker cited Kennedy’s family history of assassinations before adding that it was a “no brainer” for Kenedy to get Secret Service protection.

“This isn’t a Left or Right issue. The Biden administration should give Robert Kennedy Jr. a security detail, now,” Cruz said. “Given his tragic family history, both his father and uncle were horrifically assassinated, and this latest serious security incident, Biden shouldn’t mess around. In this instance, you’ve got RFK Jr., number one, you’ve got his unique personal story. His father was murdered while running for President of the United States. Bobby Kennedy was murdered as a candidate for the Democratic nominee for president and before that, his uncle —John F. Kennedy— was murdered while being President of the United States. Given that history and given that people are just nuts.”

Cruz’s remarks come just days after police in Los Angeles arrested an armed man at an event where Kennedy was scheduled to a campaign event with the Hispanic community in Los Angeles.

Reports showed the armed suspect arrived at the event carrying two handguns and ammunition. The suspect also carried a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID card. The armed man identified himself as a member of Kennedy’s security detail.

Kennedy, who is President Biden’s Democratic party challenger for 2024, shared news of the incident on his X social media account before adding that he hopes the Biden administration will do the right thing and grant him Secret Service protection.


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