CNN Panel Reveals Trump Judge’s Failings

Daily Report May 13,2024

As Michael Cohen prepares to take the witness stand in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial, a CNN panel revealed the one thing that the president’s judge failed to do.

Judge Juan Merchan, who presides over the case, has placed a gag order on Trump. The order prevents the former president from making public statements about witnesses, the jury, and the prosecutors’ relatives. Cohen, on the other hand, and other witnesses have been left free to say whatever they want. However, Merchan ordered prosecutors at the end of Friday’s court session to instruct Cohen not to make public statements about the case.

Podcast host Kara Swisher and New York Times journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro insisted that the judge should have extended the gag order to Cohen and other witnesses. Swisher and Garcia-Navarro made the remarks during a panel discussion on CNN’s  “The Chris Wallace Show.”

“I think they should put the gag order on all of them. I have to say, I think they should put it on Cohen, he’s been all over the place. Stormy Daniels too,” Swisher said with Garcia-Navarro responding with her agreement.

Prosecutors are hoping Cohen’s Monday testimony will be the final testimony they need to prove the former president’s guilt. However, many legal experts — citing Cohen’s dishonest past— insist the ex-convict is not a credible witness.

While Cohen is the prosecution’s most important witness, former federal prosecutor Jon Sale predicted on Friday that Cohen would not be their last.

“If you look at David Pecker, the first witness, frequently the prosecution wants to start off with a good witness and end with a good witness. So I don’t think that Michael Cohen’s going to be the last witness. But I think what they’re concerned about is that he testify to a point where, like Stormy Daniels did, where he demonstrates that he is so biased that he might not have told the truth. But let’s wait to see,” he added. “Let’s wait to see and hear his testimony. Let me say, the whole world is watching this case, and I think that we need to be sure that Donald Trump, whatever you think about him, gets a fair trial.”

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