CNBC Host And Liz Warren Spar Over Left, BLM Antisemitism

Daily Report December 08,2023

CNBC’s hosts and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) clashed on Thursday over the senator’s refusal to condemn Black Lives Matter and the left’s antisemitism.

The clash came after the presidents at top universities, including Harvard, testified before Congress earlier this week. The university heads refuse to condemn antisemitism chants on their campus, instead suggesting that calling for the genocide of Jews may be within the code of conduct and permissible.

“Advocating for genocide is fundamentally wrong. Full stop,” Warren said when the hosts asked her to weigh in on the university president’s testimony. “We just can’t have this.”

Co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin pointed out that the progressive left, known for defending minorities and marginalized communities, has been silent when it comes to campus antisemitism.

“There’s no place for antisemitism on our college campuses or anywhere in our country,” Warren said while failing to criticize the left. “There’s no place for anti-Palestinian sentiment on our campuses or anywhere else in our country. Hate is wrong. Calling out a group and hate all attached to a single group is wrong.”

Co-host Joe Kernen interrupted Warren, asking Warren what the students learned in their schools that made them think they were right to level hatred at Jews.

“The same people that were marching with Black Lives Matter, are now the ones, some of them, that would go to the mat every day and be out everyday marching for that, are now some of the people saying genocide to the Jews,” Kernen jumped in. “How did that happen on liberal college campuses?”

Warren again attempted to dodge the question while repeating that calling for genocide is wrong. Kernen was again forced to interrupt Warren, asking the senator if she thought the left was to blame for antisemitism on campus.

“No, no, you keep saying that. I understand that, but it came from somewhere,” Kernen said. You don’t think the progressive left has any culpability in driving us to this point right now, senator?”

The lawmaker did not give a direct response to the question. Asked if the university presidents should lose their jobs over their testimony, Warren said they should keep their jobs since they have already retracted their statements.

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