Catholic Hospital Receives Millions For Gender-Change Surgery Robot

Daily Report June 12,2023

A catholic church in California reportedly received millions of dollars for a robot that assists with gender change operations.

According to a report, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital (SFMH) —the largest Catholic health network in the country— received over $2.6 million from the Saint Francis Foundation to purchase the hospital’s second Da Vinci system.

The Da Vinci system is a robot that assists doctors with gender change surgery. The robot is specifically built for laparoscopic surgery. During gender change operations, the robot replicates the surgeon’s hand movement in real-time.

Despite its affiliation with CommonSpirit Health —one of the largest Catholic health networks in the country— SFMH is conducting surgeries such as body feminization surgery, vocal cord surgery, urethral reconstruction, breast augmentation, genital surgery and other gender reassignment surgeries.

CommonSpirit Health’s 2022 Annual Report shows that Saint Francis Foundation has given SFMH over $7.1 million for robotic surgical equipment since 2016. The report also noted that a huge chunk of the funding directly supports and improves local healthcare delivery to transgender and gender non-conforming patients and their families.

According to The Daily Wire, SFMH has received an Excellence in Gender Confirmation Surgery Accreditation. The hospital received the recognition based on the number of gender change surgeries it has performed.

SFMH released a video on youtube last year showing one of its patients who had undergone gender change at the catholic hospital.

Heidi Wittenberg, a gender realignment surgeon at SFMH, noted in the video that the hospital has become a “hub of specialists” who want to create a center of excellence for transfer care. She added that SFMH wants to welcome transgender patients denied gender change surgeries at other hospitals.

“Once you know what makes you happy, then I can help you with that,” Wittenberg said in the Youtube video. “The gender confirmation surgeries are just to help you match and align yourself to what your true identity is and what you should have been born with. So once you know what that is, thats’s where I come in to help.”

SFMH gender surgeries directly contradict the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops directives that forbid Catholic healthcare centers from carrying out gender change operations.

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