Bud Light 2.0!!! Transgender Ideology To Doom Costa Coffee

Daily Report August 03,2023

Another huge coffee company could share Bud Light’s fate after customers threatened to boycott the company for its transgender support.

Costa Coffee, the world’s second-largest coffee chain after Starbucks, came under fire for endorsing transgender ideology when it launched a mobile store with a mural depicting a woman with double mastectomy scars.

Maya Forstater, the co-founder and executive of a prominent British nonprofit, described the coffee chain’s marketing strategy as shocking and irresponsible.

“The cartoon-like picture of a young woman who has had her breasts surgically removed is shocking and irresponsible,” Forstater told the Telegraph. “Young women are being sold a lie that if they have their breasts removed and take hormones they can become men, or at least avoid being women.”

Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson while responding to Costa’s latest marketing blunder, sent a tweet asking if the company wanted a Bud Light treatment.

“How now @CostaCoffee? Time for a @Budweiser moment?” Peterson wrote on his Twitter page.

Laurence Fox, leader of the U.K.’s populist-right Reclaim Party, suggested a boycott of the coffee chain when he tweeted that anyone still patronizing Costa is celebrating child mutilation.

“Coffee sellers and high priests in the celebration of child mutilation. Anyone I see with that blood red cup is encouraging children to irreversibly destroy their healthy bodies. Pure evil.”

Women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen told GB News that the mural is an insult to women who have had to surgically remove their breasts due to breast cancer.

“For those women, it’s extraordinarily painful,” Keen said. “And to promote cosmetic mastectomies and celebrate it as if it’s some sort of brave and courageous journey as opposed to a journey into never-ending self-loathing, I think, absolutely, it’s a real insult to women who, through no fault of their own, have ended up having to have their breasts removed.”

James Esses, the co-founder of Thoughtful Therapists, wrote to Costa Coffee Monday, asking the coffee chain to explain why it glorified irreversible surgery on healthy breasts.

“Could you kindly explain why you are glorifying irreversible surgery performed on healthy breasts of women for a mental health condition?” Esses written.


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