Bring It On- Texas Ready For Clash With Biden Admin

Daily Report January 26,2024

President Joe Biden could be in for a fight as his struggle with the state of Texas rumbles on.

The Biden administration won a victory at the Supreme Court on Monday after the justices ruled that the administration can remove a razor wire from the state’s border. The Texas state government had put the barrier there to curb the skyrocketing number of immigrants entering through the southern border illegally. Texas has, however, vowed to keep the barrier standing.

Texas Republican Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick, in an interview with Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” said his state is ready for a fight with the Biden administration.

“We’re doing the job at the State Park. They have no reason to be there, they’ve got 1,200 miles to cover. We’re doing the job. They’re trying to make this a fight. We’re trying to protect our border. We’re trying to protect American lives in Texas laws. That’s what we’re trying to do. And he’s trying to turn into a political battle and turn it into a fight with our state. Well, don’t mess with Texas,” Patrick said.

Patrick told host Laura Ingraham that Texas will continue to keep the border safe if the Biden administration stays out of its way.

“Well, we have lots of jobs from the border for people to do. We’re busy at work every day. Remember our border, Laura, for folks who don’t know is longer than the distance between Atlanta and Portland, Maine – it’s 1,250-some miles. And so we need people everywhere,” Patrick stated. “But let me tell you what we’re doing the job. If Joe Biden gets out of our way, we’ll do the job. We’ll secure the border; we don’t need them. And also, let me say something about this Border Patrol. Border Patrol works with us, the rank and file, every day. We work together like this. It’s Joe Biden who wants to come in and split us apart. For what reason?”

While the Biden administration argued that the barrier prevents Border Patrol agents from doing the job, reports show that Border Patrol agents are supporting Texas.

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