Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Reveals Key Question House Investigators Must Ask The Bidens 

Daily Report October 30,2023

As the GOP-led House continues to investigate allegations of bribery, money laundering, influence peddling and corruption against President Joe Biden, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow has pointed to the key question the Bidens must answer.

Marlow, in an interview with New York Times bestselling investigative author Peter Schweizer on the Drill Down Podcast, said House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) must ask the Bidens what they did to earn the millions wired into their account.

“He (Comer) needs to start hauling people in at that top level [and] it needs to be highly publicized,” Marlow said. “He needs to ask in each and every case — it’s going to be exhausting — ‘What did you do for these companies?’ James Biden, what did you do for these companies? Hunter Biden, what did you do for these companies? Frank Biden, and have them all explain what they were specifically doing. Because Hunter alone is going to give unbelievable quotes because we have seen when he’s done press. He is pretty forthcoming when he does press. They are going to answer these questions, and the answers are going to be absolutely insane. And if the public gets wind of them, Joe is not going to win again.”

Marlow said Comer’s plan in the House investigation is to go for the lower bosses in the Biden crime family before working his way up to the “capo-level” guys and getting to the real bosses eventually. Though Marlow maintained that Comer’s strategy is a good plan, he revealed that he does not fully trust the plan.

“I’m optimistic about the plan. I’m reluctant to trust the plan, but I definitely am sort of trusting it. To this point, I’ll say sort of trusting it. But I have a million questions if anyone wants to contact me. And I will lay out the specifics of where I think they should be asked next,” Marlow added.


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