Breitbart Contributor Say Comer’s Investigation Will Lead To Biden 

Daily Report June 22,2023

Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer believes that the House investigation into the Biden family’s alleged corrupt practices will provide a direct link to the president.

Rep. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) is heading a house probe into the Bidens’ foreign business dealings. Comer’s probe has uncovered several disturbing pieces of evidence against the Bidens, including one that showed at least 17 family members received foreign wire transfers.

As the House investigation continues, Schweizer told Breitbart News that Comer’s probe will uncover evidence of corruption that will lead directly to President Joe Biden.

“I can’t go into detail, but there are ways and things that the committee is in the process of subpoenaing that are going to lead directly to Joe Biden’s doorstep,” Schweizer said. “As we’ve always said from the beginning — it’s not a Hunter Biden story. It’s a Joe Biden story. And there are some things that are in the works that I think are going to bring us a treasure trove of information to demonstrate exactly that.”

Schweizer revealed that he is aware of several Hunter Biden cohorts who are cooperating with the House Oversight Committee.

“… People that were in deep, close business partners with him — are actively cooperating with Comer’s committee,” Schweizer said. “These are people that were in the room that were partners that knew what was going on.”

Schweizer suggested that Comer’s Probe focus on Kevin Morris, Hunter’s lawyer. Morris has been funding Hunter’s legal bills prompting Schweizer to demand an investigation into the Hollywood lawyer.

Schweizer argued that Morris being an attorney means he can engage in all kinds of legitimate behaviors, including funding Hunter’s legal bill on behalf of a third party. Schweizer wants Comer’s committee to subpoena the attorney and ask who actually funds Hunter’s legal bills.

“I think Kevin Morris needs to be asked: Are you doing this on behalf of a client? Do you have an escrow account that somebody has set up that they are funding and are you writing the checks for or is this actually your personal money?” added Schweizer.

Schweizer suggested that any attempt by Morris to decline to answer the question means someone other than the attorney is directly funding the bills.


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