Body Found At a Wastewater Plant Could Be University Student Caleb Harris Who Disappeared In March

Texas A&M Daily Report June 27,2024

Human remains that had decomposed to skeletal remnants were found Monday at a wastewater plant near the apartment building where Texas A&M college student Caleb Harris vanished, authorities said.

Police are trying to determine if the remains could be those of 21-year-old Harris, who went missing after she was last seen on a late-night stroll in Corpus Christi approximately four months ago.

According to police, the body was discovered around 3:30 p.m. by city workers at a wastewater lift station.

Police said the remains showed “no obvious signs of homicide,” but because of decomposition, Dr. Coburn was unable to confirm identity and manner or explanation for death nor could he determine race, sex, or age as those factors depend on examination of parts not able to be recovered in this case due to wildlife activity at that site.

Harris, 20, was reported missing from his apartment building before dawn on March 4.

Police previously said he sent a Snapchat photo to a friend at 3:00 am, showing him walking near a small bridge adjacent to the drainage ditch that abuts the entrance of his apartment.

The roommate had reported him missing the following day after an UberEats delivery he placed at around 3:20 a.m. sat outside his door, law enforcement sources said.

Corpus Christi police chief Mike Markle said it would be four to six weeks before the body can be identified, WOAI reported.

“A lot of folks looking for closure, a lot of folks looking for quick answers,” he told the station.

According to a KIIITV, that body was found in a well filled with water 40-feet deep. Rescuers in hazmat suits had to empty it before they could get inside and retrieve the body.

Police said the remains are being sent to University of North Texas Center for Human Identification for DNA analysis.

“At that time, we’ll know whether to bring closure to existing cases or start a new case, or if there is foul play involved,” Chief Markle told WOAI.

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