Bill Maher Criticized For Hosting Republicans On His Show

Daily Report February 03,2024

Real Time host Bill Maher revealed he was scolded by a “pretty famous person” for hosting Republicans on his show.

In an interview published on Monday by Reason Magazine, Maher was asked how often he is “platforming,” an offense on the left for featuring a conservative on a mainstream liberal platform.

“I had Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz this year, and Bill Barr,” Maher said. “And yes, to answer your question, I can think of two people and I won’t say who they are. One of them is pretty famous, just yelling at me in an email about that. And my answer to that is You know what? You live in your ivory tower. I am going to talk to everybody in the half of the country that you find so deplorable. They are not going to self-deport, even if they are deplorable.”

Last September, Fox News reported that Maher interrogated Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis over his uphill battle to defeat former President Trump in the GOP primary.

“You do not take my advice,” Maher began. “I was on the show a few times we talked. You could run for the next 20 years. If you were Biden, the next 40. Why run against Trump? You are trying to thread this needle that will never happen. I mean, let’s face it, Ron, if the campaign was going well, you wouldn’t be on this show.”

According to the New York Post, Maher doesn’t only welcome Republicans on his show, but he also invites conservatives, including former GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy.

The Post also reports that Maher warned Democrats last week not to run against Trump purely on opposing the former president.

“I also think it’s not a great strategy to run a Democratic campaign based on “How can they like this guy?!’ Because some people just do,” Maher said. “Maybe it’s better to look at why he is winning among the sexual offenders and those who do drugs. Maybe there’s a fly in the ointment there.”

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