Biden Re-Election Bid Suffers Setback

Daily Report February 01,2024

In what will serve as a blow to President Joe Biden’s re-election bid, the latest polls showed that an important voter block that got the president elected in 2020 is tilting towards former President Donald Trump.

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten on Wednesday revealed that union workers are trending more toward Trump. Enten noted that while union vote generally goes to the Democratic party, data taken from key swing states —including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin— show Trump in a tie with Biden.

“I think this might be a bit of a surprise to some folks. This is among union members in key swing states, Joe Biden at 47%. Donald Trump at 47%. This is a clear movement from what we saw in 2020. The recall vote on that was Biden plus eight. So this is a movement towards Donald Trump. Donald Trump is gaining among union members as he has gained nationwide as well,” Enten said.

Enten noted that support for the Democrat party among union workers is reducing, with the president winning the voting block by 22 points. On the other hand, President Bill Clinton won the union vote by 31 points.

“I was looking at some of the national polls there and we’re also seeing that trend line more towards Donald Trump this time around,” Enten added. “So union members are a big part of the democratic coalition, but fewer and fewer of them are voting Democratic, and why is that? What is going on here? Well, union member vote in 2020, among college graduates, Joe Biden … won union members by 46 points. But look with no college degree. Donald Trump won that vote by six points. So oftentimes we think of unions, we think of blue-collar workers, but in fact, there are a lot of white-collar voters in unions, and the fact is those voters are going over from Biden, but you look at those blue-collar workers they are much more in the Trump camp.”

The latest poll comes after United Autoworkers Union (UAW) endorsed President Biden last month.

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