Biden Pulls SHOCKING Move – Millions of Illegal Immigrants Now LEGAL

Immigrants Daily Report June 18,2024

President Biden recently announced a new initiative to make the process of permanent residency more accessible for migrants living in the US illegally while married to Americans.

This initiative comes after his executive order on June 4 that threatened to close the US-Mexico border to asylum processing if the number of illegal arrivals surpassed 2,500 per day in a week.

Up until this point, federal law requires migrants who entered the country illegally and married American citizens to live in the US for ten years before they can apply for citizenship.

The president’s new policy will mean an estimated 500,000 non-citizen spouses and 50,000 of their children will be able to apply for lawful permanent resident status without leaving the country. Biden is also expected to detail his new work-visa reforms for those in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.

Nearly 600,000 DACA holders have avoided deportation since 2012 and have been granted work permits through a program established by former President Barack Obama.

Biden’s new initiative addresses immigration policy, which has become a significant issue for him. Polls indicate that many view this as one of his most significant weaknesses, especially after a record number of illegal immigrants entered the US under his administration. Most of these immigrants were allowed to stay in the country while waiting for their asylum cases to be processed, which has caused significant delays.

President Biden faced an unprecedented number of immigrants in his first year in office. This happened after he ended Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which had required most asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while US immigration courts reviewed their cases.

The US-Mexico border saw nearly 2.5 million people apprehended in 2023 after illegally crossing. December saw the largest number of migrants at 302,000 people.

In January, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that over 85% of people detained for crossing the border illegally were being released into the US. Mayorkas was impeached in February by House Republicans, who accused him of not securing the border.

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