Biden Freezes At Fundraiser, Obama Intervenes To Help Him

Daily Report June 17,2024

President Joe Biden appeared to freeze on stage at a fundraiser event in Los Angeles on Saturday. The awkward moment occurred when Biden waved and smiled with former President Barack Obama while receiving a standing ovation. Suddenly, Biden stopped moving and stared out into the crowd.

Obama intervened, holding Biden by the arm and gently leading him off stage while speaking into the president’s ear and patting him on the back.

The incident has raised further concerns about Biden’s fitness for office despite the White House dismissing similar incidents as misleading. The incident follows a series of recent events that saw Biden at the White House Juneteenth celebration, staring blankly as others danced around him. Additionally, he slurred words during his speech.

At the G7 summit in Italy, Biden was captured in a video wandering away from other leaders during a skydiving demonstration. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni intervened, tapping the president on his shoulder and directing him back to the group, where he threw on a pair of aviators. Meanwhile, the White House clarified that he was approaching other parachutists.

Biden has criticized former President Donald Trump and warned against his return to the White House. Obama has also spoken out against Trump, emphasizing the importance of certain standards and values. While Obama has publicly supported Biden’s reelection campaign, he privately warned Biden about Trump’s political strength last year.

However, Trump has challenged Biden to a cognitive test, which has raised questions about Biden’s fitness for a second term in office. As the oldest president to have ever served in office, Biden’s age has consistently ranked as a top concern for voters in recent polls.

According to the New York Post, the Biden campaign raised more than $30 million at the fundraising event. Hollywood stars including George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand attended the event. In comparison, Trump’s campaign has generated over $50 million during an April fundraiser event in Florida. The former president’s campaign also generated tens of millions following his conviction.

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