Biden Campaign In TURMOIL – Some Democrats Are Speaking Out and Some Are Silent

President Joe Biden Daily Report July 06,2024

Governor Katie Hobbs (D-AZ), who has made it known that she’s an avid supporter of President Biden, has remained silent after taking part in a meeting this past Wednesday night with Democratic governors.

The source went on to say, “Everyone’s in lockstep until they’re told not to be,” noting that “there’s a lot of conversations happening right now” about the future prospects of an 81-year-old president seeking re-election. Hobbs has not tweeted about Biden’ meetings, unlike some of her fellow governors. 

Hobbs’ spokesman Christian Slater told The Post on Friday, “we don’t have anything to add” regarding the meeting.

The Biden campaign, for its part, has taken a “top-down” approach to getting state party activists and elected officials on the same page.

Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) told the New York Times on Wednesday that he believes Biden should drop out of contention for this year’s race.week via PBS. The opposition went as far to criticize one of his same party’s representatives for voting alongside panels such as Grijalva.

“I find it ironic for elected Dems to be calling on Biden to step aside and allow for someone else to run when they don’t step aside,” State Rep. Alma Hernandez tweeted following Grijalva’s interview. “Some have been ill and unable to show up to work for some time now and refused to step aside or have been there for 20+ years and have nothing to show for it but want to feed into the MAGA rhetoric. Yea, no thanks. I stand with my president and will do everything I can to ensure Arizona voters turn out for him. I reject the ridiculous calls by Rep. Raúl Grijalva.”

Friday night, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero tweeted her support for the president following his interview with ABC News Host George Stephanopoulos.

“There is no one more qualified or better prepared to beat Trump in November and lead our nation in to the future than [Biden],” Romero tweeted. “I’m proud to stand with our president.”

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