Biden Admin Releases Migrants Into US Defying Executive Order

Daily Report June 12,2024

President Joe Biden’s administration officials have instructed Border Patrol agents to release migrants from most Eastern Hemisphere countries in the U.S. instead of deporting them. This move appears to defy Biden’s executive order on immigration signed last week.

“Extra-hemispheric migrants have always been a challenge. They will be subject to these rules and provisions. We’ve also been working with governments worldwide to enhance our ability to repatriate individuals to historically challenging countries,” the officials noted in a memo obtained by the Washington Examiner. “So, we think that the rules measures will allow us to impose an immediate and fast consequence to migrants no matter what country they’re coming from.”

According to The Daily Wire, the instructions Biden officials gave Border Patrol agents stated that only individuals from Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan would be referred for fast removal from the U.S. and not allowed to seek asylum.

Meanwhile, migrants from all other Eastern Hemisphere countries will be released into the U.S. and allowed to seek asylum. The Eastern Hemisphere includes all of the Middle East, Asia, most of Africa and most of Europe.

According to Fox News, others migrants will be released with a future court date but won’t be able to pursue asylum.

The outlet reports that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) also confirmed that the order only applies to the San Diego sector, which is currently the busiest area for illegal crossings in the U.S. and has seen most people arriving from countries outside the Americas.

According to the New York Post, the San Diego sector is seeing a surge of migrants from Eastern Hemisphere countries, who are being released with a court date due to uncooperative home countries.

However, the majority (two-thirds) of encounters in the sector are actually from Western Hemisphere countries such as Columbia and Ecuador, whose citizens are being returned or removed. Thousands of migrants from these Western Hemisphere countries have already been removed or returned since the executive order took effect last week.

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