Bernie Sanders Publicly Backs Biden For 2024 Presidential Run

Bernie Sanders Daily Report July 08,2024

On the campaign trail over the weekend, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) once again came out in support of President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party nominee against President Donald Trump this fall.

After Biden’s debate performance, questions about the 2024 Presidential Race came up in Sanders’ interview on “Face The Nation” with Robert Costa.

“President Biden can clearly defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in the history of this country,” Sanders said. “And the choice is quite clear.”

Sanders said that the area where he is “critical of the Biden campaign” is that they are not going far enough left on policy.

“It’s one thing to talk about your record over the last three-and-a-half years, which is a strong record, but the American people are hurting, 60 percent of our people living paycheck to paycheck; 25 percent of elderly people are trying to get by on $15,000 a year or less,” he said. “The American people want an agenda for the next four years that speaks to the needs of the working class of this country. And, frankly, I don’t think the president has brought that agenda forward. He has got to say, I am prepared to take on corporate greed, massive income and wealth inequality and stand with the working class in this country. He does that, he’s going to win, and win big.”

Sanders also said he has already done “quite a few” campaign events for Biden and will continue these appearances.

“What we’re talking about now is not a Grammy Award contest for best singer,” he said. “Biden is old. He’s not as articulate as he once was. I wish he could jump up the steps on Air Force One. He can’t.”

“What we have got to focus on is policy,” he continued. “Whose policies have and will benefit the vast majority of the people in this country? Who has the guts to take on corporate America? Who is talking about expanding Medicare so we cover dental, hearing and vision? Who’s talking about raising the cap on the taxes that people pay into Social Security, so we can raise social security benefits and extend the life of Social Security for 75 years?”

Sanders stressed that Biden should promise a new path for the country, one aligning with far-left priorities if Democrats win both sides of Congress and the White House.

“I find it personally insulting that The New York Times and all these media organizations go out front page, ‘oh, this is what the billionaire campaign donors feel’,” he later added. “Well, to hell with the billionaire campaign donors. Let’s worry about the working class of this country and what their needs are.”

When asked about Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and other potential Biden replacements, Sanders laughed off the notion by pointing out that Warner was a conservative Democrat in his caucus.

“Biden had a terrible debate performance. I think he’s done better since,” he said. “He’s got to do better again. And I know that that is a legitimate concern. But I think, most importantly now, this is not a beauty contest. It’s not a Grammy Award contest. It is a contest of who stands with the vast majority of the people in this country, the elderly, the children, working class, the poor. And that candidate is obviously Joe Biden.”

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