American Teenager Presumed Kidnapped Is Found Alive

Germany Cruise Daily Report July 07,2024

The family of an American teenager who disappeared during a cruise to Germany announced Saturday that 17-year-old Aydin Brown has been found. This week there were fears raised that he may have been “coerced” off the ship when it stopped.

Aydin was last seen leaving the Caribbean Princess Cruise in Rostock-Warnemünde, two hours north of Berlin on Thursday morning.

“We are delighted that Aydin Brown has been found safe and sound,” the cruise line told NBC News Saturday, adding that the teen was reunited with his family.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to German authorities for their swift response and exceptional efforts in locating Aydin after he disembarked in Warnemunde last Thursday morning.” Three images of Aydin were released by Dutch police during the search. 

The teen was seen talking with an unknown man in two images that were taken from surveillance footage as they approached Warnemünde Church, according to NBC News. Police had appealed for the man to come forward during the search but it is not known who he was or if he helped in finding Aydin safe.

Before Aydin was found, one of his cousins had said that the family were worried he may have been “tempted away” by a stranger.

“My worst nightmare continues to unroll,” Anne Yaktiyol wrote on social media. “Aydin remains missing. It appears once he left the ship in Warnemunde, Germany, he may have been lured away.”

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