Almost “Death At A Funeral !!!” Four Men Shot During Procession

Featured On Political Intel June 11,2023

Chicago has again shown it is a hotbed for violent crimes as gunmen opened fire on a funeral procession on Saturday afternoon. According to Breitbart News, the shooting incident injured four men, two of them in critical condition.

The shooting happened in Oak Park at about 1 p.m. on Saturday, according to ABC 7. The Oak Park Police Department said that it believes members of the procession were targeted in the shooting.

Police, in their report, revealed that the procession had been traveling westbound from Chicago when a white pick-up truck drove by one of the mourners’ vehicles and opened fire, striking two occupants in the vehicle.

The two men were transported to a medical center, where one remains in critical condition. Authorities added that the second man remains in a critical but stable condition.

Authorities said the gunfire hit two other men in another vehicle but suffered minor injuries. The two men self-transported to Rush Oak Park Hospital, where they received treatments for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police found multiple shell casings at the scene and an SUV with its driver-side passenger window shattered. Police said no bystanders sustained any injury from the shooting.

Lisa Peloquin, who lives close to the shooting scene, said she never thought a funeral could lead to this kind of violence.

“It’s so terrifying to think that people were shooting this close to my home, this close to my family, this close to our schools,” Peloquin said. “As long as it’s very easy for people who are upset and have some sort of issue to get a gun, then people are going to try to solve issues in this way, and that’s awful. None of us want to live in a world like that.”

Jaime Rava said he and his son were inside a music school nearby when the shooting happened. The man said he and his son were talking to another individual when they heard what sounded like a snare drum.

“It was like a rhythmic sound and [the instructor] was like, ‘we don’t have any drum lessons scheduled for today.’” said Rava. “It’s something I am still taking in. It’s devastating whenever something violent happens, whether it happens near you or not.”

Authorities have not revealed any motive behind the shooting or if they have any suspect in custody.

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