85-Year-Old Man Dies From Brutal Dog Attack

Daily Report February 02,2024

Family members of an 85-year-old pastor have been left in shock after he died while defending himself from a vicious attack.

William Mundane was brutally attacked by two American Bully Dogs while saving his wife, Betty. According to police reports, family members said the incident happened in the backyard of Mundane’s home in Indianapolis on Tuesday. The victim was found with multiple dog bites and transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

According to a local media outlet, the area where the incident took place had witnessed similar aggressive canine encounters. Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) revealed that this was not an isolated event and that the incident marks at least the third attack in the area within the same week.

The 85-year-old’s granddaughter, Holly Watkins, recounted the incident in a statement.

“My granddaddy came out to try to shoo them away, and two pit bulls, I guess, attacked him,” Watkins said. “Every day, they just come into people’s yards. Like just last night, we were in the backyard and they ran up on us, and we just had to kinda run and wait for them to leave.”

Betty Mundane, the wife of the deceased, expressed her sorrow as she recalled the incident.

“Thank God for him.” Betty said.” He lived to be 85 years old. He has been blessed. He is going to be missed. I say he saved my life. He was a hero.”

Daily Mail reports that Animal control officers arrived at the scene of the incident and shot at one of the dogs, which is now detained and being cared for. Authorities also revealed that they captured the second dog, and a search is ongoing for a third that they believed may have been involved in the attack.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) asked for the public’s assistance in identifying the dog’s owner in posts shared on social media. The posts included a photo of one of the dogs involved in the attack.

The IACS’s chief communication officer, Kurt Christain, revealed in a statement that his group will continue the search for the third dog.

“According to a procedure, IACS established a sweep schedule wherein officers would be dispatched to the area where those animals were last seen between three to four times a day for the next 10 days,” Christain said.

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