“8 Mile” Rapper Supa Emcee Arrested For Wife’s Murder

Daily Report January 14,2024

Michigan-born rapper Supa Emcee is facing a murder charge after police said he stabbed his wife, according to Daily Caller.

Jimmie Brown, known by his Moniker Supa Emcee is accused of stabbing wife Kelly Ann Mays, 49, seventeen times inside a Westland apartment in the 36000 block of McKinney Drive on Sunday last week. According to local reports, Brown and Mays are believed to have been in a relationship laced with domestic violence for 13 years.

Mays’ adult daughter from a different relationship Celeste Mays was the one who discovered her mother’s body. “I touched her foot, and it was cold,” Celeste said. “I have nightmares about it, so every time I fall asleep, I see it.”

Authorities reported that Mays’ had several knife wounds to the chest and neck and was pronounced dead at the scene. Brown, on the other hand, turned himself into the Westland Police Department shortly after Mays’ body was discovered.

The rapper was arraigned on Wednesday and is facing a first-degree murder charge. He was denied bond and has a court hearing scheduled for Jan 25. If convicted, he could be facing life in prison.

Reports claim that Mays was a domestic violence survivor and activist who worked to educate and assist those suffering from violence in their homes. She also worked with the nonprofit group, Haven, which provides outreach services to victims of domestic violence.

The victim once opened up about a past toxic relationship in 2010 that left her hospitalized on her younger daughter’s first birthday. “In my head, as a Black woman, I have to make it work. I have to make things work with my Black man,” Mays’ said.

Brown was popularly known for appearing in the film “8 Mile” alongside American rapper Eminem, but unfortunately, their scene was deleted and could only be seen as a DVD extra. The rapper was also a victim of an almost fatal car accident in 2020 that left him with permanent brain injuries.

The crash left him unable to recognize friends and family, including his late wife Mays, and suffering from severe memory loss.

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