17 Hostages Released, American 4-Year-Old Among Third Batch

Daily Report November 27,2023

Hamas on Sunday evening released 17 more hostages, with 4-year-old Abigail Idan finally freed from the terror organization’s hellish grip.

The terror group, as part of the conditions negotiated in the 4-day humanitarian pause, released the third batch of hostages to the Red Cross, who then took them to Israel. The Red Cross has acted as an intermediary between the IDF and the terror group. The 17 freed hostages included 14 Israeli citizens and three foreign nationals.

“A short time ago, representatives of the Red Cross handed over 12 abductees who had returned to Israel to a force of an elite unit of the IDF and a force of the Shin Bet near the border fence in the center of the Gaza Strip,” the IDF said. “After that, they will make their way to the base premises. One abductee who returned to Israel was sent directly to the hospital. At the same time, four abductees returned to Israel via the Rafah crossing to Egypt, from where they will make their way to the meeting point with our forces in Israeli territory. IDF representatives regularly update the families of the abductees.”

According to the Times of Israel, the third bath of hostages released include, Abigail Idan, 4; Hagar Brodetz, 40, and her children Ofri, 10, Yuval, 9, and Oriya, 4; Chen Almog Goldstein, 48, and Agam, 17, Gal, 11 and Tal, 9; Alma Avraham, 84; Aviva Siegel, 64; sisters Ela, 8 and Dafna, 15, and Elyakim; Roni Krivoi, 25, a dual Russian-Israeli national.

Four-year-old Abigail Idan, an Israeli-American, was three when she was kidnapped fom Kfar Aza kibbutz during the Oct. 7 attacks. She turned four while she was being held captive by Hamas. The 4-year-old’s parents were murdered by militants during the attack.

Hamas began releasing hostages on Friday and has since released 60 of the hostages it took during its Oct. 7 attack.

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